Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Hot Summer

There is no denying that it is hot in Alabama summers!!  Its is important for not only humans to stay cool during those months, but also our animals.  My babies don’t even like to go outside it is so hot outside these days so we are looking for ways to stay cool and still get some energy out!!

Early Mornings

One of the coolest parts of the day to get outside and get some exercise is first thing in the morning before it gets hot.  We enjoy going outside and running a few laps around the yard keeping our pups off the hot concrete to not hurt their paws.

Staying Cool in the Hot Summer Months-2Staying Cool in the Hot Summer Months-1

Dog Pool

Another thing we have outside that is a lot of fun for our pups is a dog pool.  Our dog pool is actually an old sand box.  My daughter got the sand box for her first birthday and somehow it managed to stay around for over 10 years before I decided to use it as a dog pool.  Its not super deep, but deep enough that they can splash around in it and cool off.

Staying Cool in the Hot Summer Months-3

Inside Play

Probably our most favorite activity has been inside play.  We have a long hall in our house so we play a lot of fetch down that hall.  Usually after about 15-30 minutes they are tired and have gotten all their energy out, but they have not over heated themselves.

Staying Cool in the Hot Summer Months-4

How does your family enjoy play time and still stay cool during the hot summer months??