Meet Nugget

Meet Nugget the newest member of our family at Anderson Puppy Palace.  Let me give me a little background story about how Nugget came to join our family.


The youngest daughter in our human family LOVES babies!!!  I mean like every time she sees a baby she starts saying “Mommy, I want one” and “I can’t wait till I can have one”.  So Mommy decided since she is only 10 years old a furbaby would be best for her desire to have a baby.  Mommy decided a toy pup would be best for our little human so they started looking at different pups.  Then our little human decided she wanted either a yorkie or a maltese.  Little human wanted something she could brush and dress up.  She wanted something she could carry in a purse and treat like a baby.

So Nugget joined our family!!

Nugget is 2.5 lbs and is a yorkie mix.  He was born September 1, 2016.  Nugget’s favorite past times include laying on everyone else’s blankets, chewing on EVERYTHING and being cuddled.  He has quickly grown to be loved by everyone else in our family and is acting just like the last child by showing everyone he changes all the rules.

If you don’t already follow us on Instagram and Facebook make sure to follow us so you can see all our pictures of Nugget with the rest of us!!


10 thoughts on “Meet Nugget

  1. My goodness, he is adorable! And I’m glad you mentioned his breed. It’s always so hard to get a sense of size from photos on the blog. Given how big his little feet look in the first image, I thought we were dealing with a BIG dog! But yorkies are far from big. Sounds like he’s the perfect fit for a little human looking for a pint-sized buddy.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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