A Tuff Toy for Strong Dogs

We have tried many different chew toys over the years for Steel.  You see Steel is a serious hard core chewer.  He can typical destroy a new toy in a matter of a few minutes.  We have gotten where most of his toys are put up and we only bring them out for us to have one on one play time.  If he is left to just chew on them then they are destroyed almost immediately.  I have looked for bones for him and he usually chews through them in a matter of minutes too.  But every time we go to the pet store we will look for some new toy for him.

On one of our most recent trips to the pet store I saw something that caught my interest for him, but I don’t buy bones for him without researching about them first.  But that got me and the cashier discussing toys for intense chewers.  She recommended the play strong rubber bone by Spot.


I really wanted the one with the rope because Steel’s favorite game is tug of war.  But I really wanted a toy he can chew on without me so I went with the bone.  Since it holds a treat or peanut butter, I decided to put some peanut butter in it when I first gave it too him.  He loved it!!!  But the next day he didn’t not come back to chew on it when it didn’t have any peanut butter in it.  A few days later I made some treats with peanut butter in them and I decided to cut one in half and put a half in each end of the bone.  Sugar and Steel both chewed on it then for a while.  Sugar typically never plays with any toys.  Even after all the peanut butter was gone Steel continued to chew on it for a while.


I would say we have found a new toy that is good for when I need something to keep Steel occupied for a little bit!!!


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