Whats Up Wednesday #2


With cooler weather means more walks around the block.  Sugar’s human usually doesn’t like pictures but after a walk around the block the other day he asked for a picture.


Nugget has found someone he likes to play with that seems to be ok.  RHINO!!  She just puts him in a head lock.  But its kind of funny!!  She pretty much hates him too.

Momma made some awesome peanut butter treats for us.  She said she will give us the details so we can share more about them with you soon.  We hope she makes more of them soon because we seem to be eating them up quickly.


We celebrated Tank’s Gotcha Day too!!  Momma says she can’t believe its already been three years since he joined our family.  Our smallest human spent all day telling him “Happy Gotcha Day Tank!!”  He belongs to Tank so it made Tank really happy.



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