Why We Love Pits #PitbullAwareness

October is the month of #PitbullAwareness and of course this is special topic for us that is close to our hearts here at Anderson Puppy Palace since two of our members are pitbulls.  You hear all these horror stories about pitbulls, but we are going to tell you why we love our pits!!

Before we decided to add a pit bull to our family, Mommy had become a WAHM with a small baby.  She was at home alone all day long with her new baby and people were knocking on the door at all hours of the day and evening wanting to sell her something and being a small woman it made her uncomfortable.  She decided she wanted a furbaby who could look out the window and scare away someone who had bad intentions but was really just an oversized lap dog.  Sure enough that is the case for both Steel and Sugar!

1.  They love to cuddle!!

I mean this is a given at our house.  That is the biggest thing we all do with our humans.  We enjoy spending our days on the couch cuddled up with Mommy or any of our little humans.


2.  They give lots of kisses!!

If you don’t know the story of how Sugar got her name, it is that she woke Mommy up the first morning giving her lots of kisses.  Well and she looks like she put her nose in the sugar bowl.  But the first thing Steel and Sugar do when the come up to anyone is give them kisses.

3. They guard their little humans!!

Not only do we have lots of furbabies at our house, but we have lots of human babies too, four to be exact.  When our human babies go outside to play and our furbabies stay inside Steel is always at the door or window watching the little humans until they return back inside.



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