National #Cat Day

Of course we usually always talk about pups, but today we are going to share another member of our family with you since its National #Cat Day, so today meet Rhino the purr-fect feline in our house!!


Ok, so maybe “perfect” is an overstatement but she is the queen of our house even over all of us pups.  Rhino has been with our human family longer than any of us pups.  The oldest daughter of our humans belongs to Rhino.  Rhino enjoys spending her days laying on Mommy’s bed, looking out the window and hiding in a room that one of us pups are not in.  She doesn’t enjoy our kisses!!

Funny story about Rhino to celebrate National #Cat Day.  Rhino is a solid white female cat so why is her name “Rhino”??  Well when Rhino came to our human family she had a gray spot on top of her head.  Also our human family was told she was a he.  So Rhino was a fitting name for a male cat with a gray spot on top of his head.  But when Rhino was visiting the vet they informed our humans that “he” was actually a “she”.  BOL, don’t tell Rhino we told you her secret though.  She may get mad at us!!


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