Whats Up Wednesday #3

Sorry things have been a little quiet around here the last few weeks.  Our human has been sickly and so we haven’t been able to get on the computer.

Halloween was fun!!  Momma dressed Nugget up in a red and black tutu.  We all laughed at him, but it was cute.


Momma took Nugget and Sugar to the Bark at the Moon festival.  Tank doesn’t like to walk on a leash and since we don’t get out too much she didn’t want to take Steel too.  But she said we behaved well.  Hopefully next year Steel will get to go too.  We got lots of goodies there.  It was fun!!


We have all spent a lot of time cuddling lately.  That is really our favorite thing to do.

Momma won a giveaway from Lola the Pitty sponsored by Isle of Dogs.  We loved the goodies!!  The treats smell yummy.  Some of our little humans want to try them, but Momma told them no.  The shampoo and conditioner is awesome.  The spray smells good too!!


Steel and Nugget are becoming the best of playmates.  We just have to be careful because Steel doesn’t realize how big he is.  But he tries really hard to not be too rough with Nugget.


Until next week, peace out!!


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