Peanut Butter Snacks

Recently we shared a picture of some peanut butter star snacks Momma made for us.  They were super yummy and we gobbled them all up pretty quickly.  Momma actually made us a second batch with a slightly different recipe and those were yummy too.  We LOVE peanut butter!!


Momma really loves them because they have coconut oil in them and well its good for Steel’s skin condition.  He is really a big baby!!  But we will talk about that another day.  She has been looking for different things to help with his skin and coconut oil was on the top of her list.  I mean coconut oil is awesome for lots of stuff so of course it would be awesome for his skin.  She said its actually looking better!!!

While we would love to take credit for the recipes Momma has use for making us treats we just can’t so instead of writing a recipe we are just going to share a link with you from where she found the recipe.

So the first recipe she made us was from Golden Barrel.  She followed the recipe except most of her molds are in storage right now so the only one she had on hand was the star mold.

The next recipe was basically the exact same except she added banana to it.  She was going to add a whole banana but our littlest human came up and wanted some so she gave him the last little bit of it.  But they were still yummy!!

We really enjoy eating them out of our toy bone!!


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