Whats Up Wednesday #4

Things are kind of quiet around our house right now.  We are hoping we will get an offer in our house soon, but we exact with Thanksgiving being tomorrow that this weekend will be another quiet weekend.

Our human family homeschools and we are always listening to Momma teach the children.  Nugget was working on helping Momma read this past week.


We spent the weekend hanging out and playing at home.


Sugar has finally accepted Nugget and is a little more playful with him.


Steel and Nugget got bathes this weekend with the shampoo and conditioner we got from Isle of Dogs.  We ran out of time to finish up Sugar’s and Tank’s bathes.  But we usually don’t get one weekly anyway.


Nugget had to check out his style in the mirror after his bath.


Momma is working on some new stuff and she made some new collars for Tank and Nugget.  Nugget really hates wearing a collar.  But Tank thinks his is really stylish!!  We can’t wait to see what else she makes.


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10 thoughts on “Whats Up Wednesday #4

  1. Cute pics! That Nugget – what a cutie! Man, though… you remind me of how desparately Rita needs a bath. (She’s not happy that I got reminded of that..) Happy Thanksgiving and hope your house sells quickly!


  2. What a sweet little family you have. I think it almost always takes time for the resident dog to accept a new little fur sibling. But it always warms my heart to see those relationships forming. They’ll be best of buddies soon, based on the affection I can see in those photos!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


    1. I agree it does take time. It’s has been 3 years since I brought the first dog home and our cat still has not accepted any of them. 🙂 But she spends her days on my bed instead, they give too many kisses for her taste. Thank you for your sweet xomment!!


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