How to Train Your Dog to Not Snatch Food

When we first got Steel one of the most important rules Daddy wanted to teach him was to not snatch food from anyone.  Having four children in the house it is very likely someone will have food and not paying attention to what us pups are doing.  So Daddy spent a lot of time with Steel and Sugar teaching us to not snatch and it was successful!!!  We don’t even snatch our treats from any of our humans.


The biggest part of teaching a pup to not snatch food is all based in how you hold the food. When you are eating something you generally hold it up.


Steel and Sugar have learned to not snatch when our humans hold food or really anything up.  Steel will sit there and back up to get away from it because he knows he is not suppose to take anything from anyone unless it is turned down.  Sugar with her cute puppy dog eyes will turn her head and wait till the food is turned down before she will reach for it.


Of course after obeying we are always rewards with a treat and extra loving.


We know to wait patiently till Mommy or Daddy turns their hand so that the food is down and then we are allowed to take the food from their hand.  With much practice we have mastered this rule and we mind well which usually results in extra treats!!!!!!  Now if they would only teach Tank and Nugget this same rule.

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