Choosing the Best Treats for Training Your Dog

Lately our Mom has been reading “Training the Best Dog Ever“.  We aren’t really sure why because we already say we are the best dogs EVER, but she says we need manners so we can go RVing next year (more on that later).  Anyway, we don’t mind because with training has meant lots of new tasty treats we have gotten to try out.

This month sent us these soft ‘n tasty baked bites from Caru in salmon recipe.    Did you know that caru in Welsh means “to love”??  They definitely shows lots of love to us pups in their treats.  They are packed full of healthy nutrition including salmon, blueberries and cranberries.  However, they do NOT include any of the unhealthy stuff such as wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products.

Caru Baked Bites-7

Us pups love them because they taste great and they are easy to chew.  We don’t care for crunchy treats.  Mom loves them because they can easily be broken in half making them the prefect size for training.

Caru Baked Bites-5

Nugget is the first pup she has been working with on the training series.  We have to be tethered to her for five weeks during the training so she is working with us one at a time and after Nugget peeing on her bed several times, yep, he was chosen to go through the course first.  So Nugget is the one you see in all the pictures, but all of us pups have enjoyed these yummy treats.

Caru Baked Bites-8

You can see he has done with also learning to not snatch.  That is Daddy’s favorite thing to teach us.  Tank is still working on it, but the rest of us have it mastered!!

Caru Baked Bites-10

Thank you for sending us these delicious treats to try free of charge in exchange for our honest review.


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