DIY Pallet Dog Bed

If you scroll through Pinterest you will see plenty of DIY dog beds.  Well with this bed I decided I wanted something that wasn’t going to cost me much if any money and all I spent on this bed was $6!!  I am so proud of myself!!  But all of my dogs love it and I am going to have to make some more of them and for the mattress will probably spend more money next time.  We have decided we need one in our living room and in our school room.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-8DIY Pallet Dog Bed-10DIY Pallet Dog Bed-11

I started out with this pallet my husband brought home from work.  Noah used the hammer to remove the cross piece of wood on one side.  Then we had two small blocks of wood we removed that are basically cubes.  We are going to use them for another project.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-1

Once we finished removing all of the wood we didn’t need and the nails.  I used the drill to remove the plastic corner pieces off the bottom.  We decided to leave the wooden pieces to make it have little feet slightly lifting it off the ground.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-3

Then Alyssa used the sander with 80 grit sand paper and went over the whole pallet.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-4

Once she was done I went over it with 220 grit sand paper before putting a light coat of paint on it.  I wanted it to have an aged look and I didn’t feel like mixing paint and water to white wash (we were pressed for time by this point) so I just went over it lightly with paint.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-5

For the mattress I picked up two pillows from Wal-Mart (the only money I spent) and sewed them together along the long side.  Then I took some fabric I had left over from making Alyssa’s bedspread and made a cover for them.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-6

I had a small amount of pink fleece so we decided to make a little blanket to go with it.  I cut the fabric into two squares and cut strips all the way around and Noah tied them to make a knot blanket.  Its a little smaller than I would have hoped, but it works.  Nugget seems to use it more than anyone.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-9

As you can see it is definitely loved by all the dogs!!  Have you made a DIY bed for your dog??  I would love to see it!!


4 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Dog Bed

  1. Wow, what a terrific idea. I need to do this for our fur-baby. I’m stopping by from the Friendship Friday Blog Party, I’m #137 on the list. Hope you pop on over and say “hi”. Have a terrific weekend. I retweeted this post & I’ll share on Pinterest, too.

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