About Us

Welcome to Anderson Puppy Palace, a blog all about dogs written by us dogs (Tank, Steel, Sugar and Nugget) and sometimes with the help of our Mommy, Sheena.  At Anderson Puppy Palace we enjoy sharing about our adventures and things we enjoy!!

Tank is the oldest pup in our house.  Tank is a chiweenie who enjoys sitting beside Mommy, hiding under the blanket, getting food off the table when the humans aren’t looking and getting into mischief.


Steel is a blue pit who weighs about 65 lbs but thinks he still weighs only about 5 lbs.  That was how much he weighed when he joined our family.  He enjoys playing fetch, chewing on bones, cuddling with Mommy and watching over his little humans while they play outside.


Sugar is an American bulldog.  She is the laziest pup in our house.  She enjoys spending all of her time on the couch or curled up on Mommy’s blanket on the floor beside her.  She was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia which explained a lot of why she does not enjoy running and jumping as much as the rest of us.  She loves to smile!!  Don’t let her teeth scare you away though, she just likes to smile.

Photo Jul 27, 12 12 37 PM

Nugget is the baby in our house although he thinks he is the biggest of us all.  He is a yorkie mix weighing just over 10 lbs.  He enjoys biting at his siblings and pulling on their skin, chasing the tennis ball and cuddling up on Mommy’s pillow and eating her hair while she sleeps.


We hope you will follow along with our adventures and get to know our sweet and loving family!!