Whats Up Wednesday #8

Boy have we been busy lately!!  Sorry we haven’t been blogging as much lately.  Hopefully you have been following us on Instagram, if not make sure to head on over there and follow us!!

WE MOVED!!!  We are pretty sure our humans lost their minds for a little while.  We lived in a tiny RV for about a week and it was a little cramped with all 12 of us.  We had the cat and goldfish with us too.  The cat tried to eat the goldfish the first night and little humans all got upset.



Now we are settled into our new house!!  Its much bigger and we are loving it.


Dad built us a dog bed, but we aren’t really crazy about it.  Mom still needs to paint it, and then we will share all about it with y’all.  We do like that we are closer to Mommy all the time now though.


Sugar was diagnosed with hip dysplasia so she has been doing water therapy for that.  We will talk more about it in a later post though.  Also, Sugar turned 3!!


And Tank turned 4!!


We got a new TALL fence so now Steel can run and play in the backyard.  Afterwards he is exhausted and all he wants to do is lay on the cold floor.


Dad ordered Steel this HUGE moose antler.  He loves it and Dad love it because Steel hasn’t been able to chew it up in a day.  Steel has had it for over a month now and has barely made a dent in it.


Nugget has been doing some major modeling for our new shop that we just got opened earlier this week!!


Best of all about our new house we are walking distance of the lake and we can go down there whenever we want.  So we get to spend a lot of time in the water.


All and all I guess that about wraps up the highlights of what we have been up to.  How have all of you been during the crazy two months???

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Birthday Cupcakes for your Dog

Earlier this week Steel turned 3 years old and we had quiet the party!!  Dad always says the little humans and Mommy celebrate their birthdays for a week and we celebrated Steel’s birthday for a week too!!  Mom made some birthday cupcakes for Steel’s birthday and since she had never made them before she decided to give them a try before his birthday actually got here.

Making sure the cupcakes were dog friendly and not going to upset Steel’s tummy was pretty important so she used a lot of ingredients that she already knew wouldn’t bother his tummy.



  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1 whole banana (we freeze bananas so she just thawed out one that was frozen)
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/3 cup local organic honey
  • 1 brown egg
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 cup natural peanut butter

She started out by mixing all the wet ingredients together first and then added in the baking soda and finally slowly added in the flour a little at a time.


One of the little human’s borrowed her six cupcake pan for sorting toys so she had to use the big one.  To make sure the cupcakes didn’t stick to the cupcake liners she sprayed the cupcake liners with coconut cooking spray before putting the batter in the cupcake liners.


When Mommy cooks we know its usually for us, so we made sure to stay in the kitchen under her feet the whole time.


Then Mommy baked them on 350* for 20 minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean.


After the cupcakes cooled, Mommy iced them with peanut butter and placed a dehydrated banana chip on top!!


Since Steel is the birthday boy he got the first cupcake!!


Mommy took lots of cute pictures of Steel with his cupcake so make sure to watch for some outtakes of him on Instagram over the next few weeks!!


Whats Up Wednesday #7

We have been quiet busy lately and with the holidays it has made getting on the computer harder and harder, but now that the holidays are over life should settle down!!

Nugget went and saw Santa!!  We are pretty sure he told Santa we had all been good this year because Santa was good to all of us!!

Mom made us some more peanut butter treats and this time they were shaped like snowflakes.


Sugar went to a new dog park we have never been to before.  Mom said since Dad was not with her that only Sugar could go.  She had a lot of fun with all the little humans and we decided to start a youtube channel to share our videos on!!  Make sure and follow us there, please!!

We got our shop opened!!  Mom is working on adding more and more items to it daily.


Our littlest human has been sick and we have all been cuddling him.

Steel turned 3 years old!!  Mom is going to share the cupcakes she made for our party with you later this week.


We shared about our goodies from Chewy.com this month!!


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Looking for an Alternative to Raw Feeding for your Pups??

This post is sponsored by Chewy.com.  Read our disclosure here.

Are you looking for an alternative to raw feeding for your pups??  We know raw feeding would be much better for the dogs, but we just aren’t completely sure about it yet.  So we try to make sure we feed our dogs some of the best quality kibble food we can find.  Recently we learned about meal mixers from Stella & Chewy’s and I knew it was something I wanted to try out.


With all of the tummy and skin issues Steel has I knew meal mixers was something I wanted to try out for Steel.  Since we feed our dogs a duck based kibble food, I decided to go with the duck, duck goose recipe.  It also includes nutrient rich super foods such as blueberries, strawberries and bananas.

It also smells really good.  So much so that Steel was trying to eat it before I had even opened it.


Steel is a large dog weighing about 65 lbs, so the instructions state he should get 2+ scoops per day.  We feed our dogs twice a day so I give Steel one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening with his kibble food.



After I put in on his food I like to mix it up.  But Steel loves it so much that he picks out the meat from the meal mixer and eats it before he eats his kibble food!!



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Whats Up Wednesday #6

Sorry we were away last week, Momma is still struggling really bad with migraines so our computer time has been limited.

In case you missed it we have been talking about not snatching food from humans.  With little humans its really important when know when they are giving the food to us and when they aren’t.


Momma painted Sugar’s toenails for Christmas.  It was the first time so she put on a really thin coat of polish and after a week she needed them painted again.  Anyone have a good suggestion for polish for Sugar that will last??


She also made us all bandanas for Christmas.  Steel and Nugget both got their pictures made with them on by the Christmas tree.fb_img_1481342265208img-20161207_090429_-2029294517

We have spent a lot of time being lazy lately.  We are not enjoying this colder weather and all of this rain.  But Momma said we really need the rain here in Alabama so I guess keep it coming and we will stay snuggled up on the couch with Momma.


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How to Train Your Dog to Not Snatch Food

When we first got Steel one of the most important rules Daddy wanted to teach him was to not snatch food from anyone.  Having four children in the house it is very likely someone will have food and not paying attention to what us pups are doing.  So Daddy spent a lot of time with Steel and Sugar teaching us to not snatch and it was successful!!!  We don’t even snatch our treats from any of our humans.


The biggest part of teaching a pup to not snatch food is all based in how you hold the food. When you are eating something you generally hold it up.


Steel and Sugar have learned to not snatch when our humans hold food or really anything up.  Steel will sit there and back up to get away from it because he knows he is not suppose to take anything from anyone unless it is turned down.  Sugar with her cute puppy dog eyes will turn her head and wait till the food is turned down before she will reach for it.


Of course after obeying we are always rewards with a treat and extra loving.


We know to wait patiently till Mommy or Daddy turns their hand so that the food is down and then we are allowed to take the food from their hand.  With much practice we have mastered this rule and we mind well which usually results in extra treats!!!!!!  Now if they would only teach Tank and Nugget this same rule.

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