What Do You Feed Your Dogs??

Finding a high quality dog food for our pups has been at the top of our list from the beginning.  But when Steel was diagnosed with a skin condition making sure our dog food did not have any added fillers became a big concern for us.

After much research we decided to feed our dogs Taste of the Wild.  Steel, Sugar and Tank eat the wetland formula and Nugget eats the high prairie puppy formula.  But today I just want to focus on the wetland formula.  We chose this formula because the number one ingredient in the food is duck!  The wetland formula has dried chicory root, no grain, roasted quail, duck & smoked turkey, antioxidants, omega fatty acid blend, blueberries & raspberry, tomato pomace & tomatoes and chelated minerals.

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-1

So when we got the email from Chewy asking about trying the can Taste of the Wild dog food that was an OF COURSE!!!  Now the can food as the same awesome ingredients as the dry food but it has fowl in gravy making it great for mixing in with our kibble food.

Now wet food is not something our dogs get everyday, so when they get it that is a real treat.  They all stand close by waiting while I prepare their food.

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-2

I mixed the wet food in with their kibble food to give their kibble a little something extra.

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-3

Steel made sure to savory it and enjoy every single bite!!!

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If you are looking for a good quality dog food for your dog Taste of the Wild is highly recommended by the humans and pups at Anderson Puppy Palace!!!

***We were provide products free of charge in return for our honest review.  All opinions are 100% ours.***