DIY Pallet Dog Bed

If you scroll through Pinterest you will see plenty of DIY dog beds.  Well with this bed I decided I wanted something that wasn’t going to cost me much if any money and all I spent on this bed was $6!!  I am so proud of myself!!  But all of my dogs love it and I am going to have to make some more of them and for the mattress will probably spend more money next time.  We have decided we need one in our living room and in our school room.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-8DIY Pallet Dog Bed-10DIY Pallet Dog Bed-11

I started out with this pallet my husband brought home from work.  Noah used the hammer to remove the cross piece of wood on one side.  Then we had two small blocks of wood we removed that are basically cubes.  We are going to use them for another project.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-1

Once we finished removing all of the wood we didn’t need and the nails.  I used the drill to remove the plastic corner pieces off the bottom.  We decided to leave the wooden pieces to make it have little feet slightly lifting it off the ground.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-3

Then Alyssa used the sander with 80 grit sand paper and went over the whole pallet.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-4

Once she was done I went over it with 220 grit sand paper before putting a light coat of paint on it.  I wanted it to have an aged look and I didn’t feel like mixing paint and water to white wash (we were pressed for time by this point) so I just went over it lightly with paint.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-5

For the mattress I picked up two pillows from Wal-Mart (the only money I spent) and sewed them together along the long side.  Then I took some fabric I had left over from making Alyssa’s bedspread and made a cover for them.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-6

I had a small amount of pink fleece so we decided to make a little blanket to go with it.  I cut the fabric into two squares and cut strips all the way around and Noah tied them to make a knot blanket.  Its a little smaller than I would have hoped, but it works.  Nugget seems to use it more than anyone.

DIY Pallet Dog Bed-9

As you can see it is definitely loved by all the dogs!!  Have you made a DIY bed for your dog??  I would love to see it!!

How to Easily Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

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Dental care is something we all think about as humans, but sometimes people forget about dental care for their pets.  Or even worse to have your dog’s teeth clean you have to have them sedated.  None of which is fun or easy on the pup!!

Now Ark Natural’s makes these chewable dog treats that are yummy for the pup and easy for you to feed them.  They are breath-less brushless-toothpaste and my dogs LOVE them!!  The outside is made with the fresh flavor of alfalfa, cinnamon, vanilla and clove.  The inside is made with Ark’s patented toothpaste for plaque, tartar and bacteria control.  On the outside are ridges to help abrasive action.

Ark Naturals-1

Breath-Less Brushless-Toothpaste treats are available in three sizes (small, medium and large).  We ordered ours in large since Sugar and Steel are large.  On the back of the packaging it recommended to freeze them if your dog is a gulper.  Since our dogs tended to gulp down their food we decided to freeze them.  It helped to slow the dogs down when they were eating the treats.

Ark Naturals-3

All of our dogs really enjoyed the treats and Momma loves that it helps take care of the dogs’ teeth!!

Tank, Steel, Sugar and Nugget are Chewy Influencers and Chewy Customers.

Choosing the Best Treats for Training Your Dog

Lately our Mom has been reading “Training the Best Dog Ever“.  We aren’t really sure why because we already say we are the best dogs EVER, but she says we need manners so we can go RVing next year (more on that later).  Anyway, we don’t mind because with training has meant lots of new tasty treats we have gotten to try out.

This month sent us these soft ‘n tasty baked bites from Caru in salmon recipe.    Did you know that caru in Welsh means “to love”??  They definitely shows lots of love to us pups in their treats.  They are packed full of healthy nutrition including salmon, blueberries and cranberries.  However, they do NOT include any of the unhealthy stuff such as wheat, gluten, corn, soy or animal by-products.

Caru Baked Bites-7

Us pups love them because they taste great and they are easy to chew.  We don’t care for crunchy treats.  Mom loves them because they can easily be broken in half making them the prefect size for training.

Caru Baked Bites-5

Nugget is the first pup she has been working with on the training series.  We have to be tethered to her for five weeks during the training so she is working with us one at a time and after Nugget peeing on her bed several times, yep, he was chosen to go through the course first.  So Nugget is the one you see in all the pictures, but all of us pups have enjoyed these yummy treats.

Caru Baked Bites-8

You can see he has done with also learning to not snatch.  That is Daddy’s favorite thing to teach us.  Tank is still working on it, but the rest of us have it mastered!!

Caru Baked Bites-10

Thank you for sending us these delicious treats to try free of charge in exchange for our honest review.

What Do You Feed Your Dogs??

Finding a high quality dog food for our pups has been at the top of our list from the beginning.  But when Steel was diagnosed with a skin condition making sure our dog food did not have any added fillers became a big concern for us.

After much research we decided to feed our dogs Taste of the Wild.  Steel, Sugar and Tank eat the wetland formula and Nugget eats the high prairie puppy formula.  But today I just want to focus on the wetland formula.  We chose this formula because the number one ingredient in the food is duck!  The wetland formula has dried chicory root, no grain, roasted quail, duck & smoked turkey, antioxidants, omega fatty acid blend, blueberries & raspberry, tomato pomace & tomatoes and chelated minerals.

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-1

So when we got the email from Chewy asking about trying the can Taste of the Wild dog food that was an OF COURSE!!!  Now the can food as the same awesome ingredients as the dry food but it has fowl in gravy making it great for mixing in with our kibble food.

Now wet food is not something our dogs get everyday, so when they get it that is a real treat.  They all stand close by waiting while I prepare their food.

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-2

I mixed the wet food in with their kibble food to give their kibble a little something extra.

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-3

Steel made sure to savory it and enjoy every single bite!!!

Chewy Sponsored June 2017-4Chewy Sponsored June 2017-5Chewy Sponsored June 2017-6

If you are looking for a good quality dog food for your dog Taste of the Wild is highly recommended by the humans and pups at Anderson Puppy Palace!!!

***We were provide products free of charge in return for our honest review.  All opinions are 100% ours.***

Whats Up Wednesday #10

Sorry we were MIA last week, Mom was laid up in the bed extremely sick all week.  We spent lots of time cuddling with her.

Photo Jun 10, 1 37 43 PM

Once she started feeling better she did some work on our shop!!

We added our formal line!!

I hope she knows I am a boy and not a girl but I will model this dog wedding dress just for her.

Wedding Attire-12

However, I am styling and loving this tux!!  I think I need one for everyday wear.

Wedding Attire-7

Mom also finally got all the pictures she needed for our dog lover shirts line!!  Isn’t Steel the cutest models with Mom??

This week all the humans leave everyday and are gone till bedtime for some camp.  So we haven’t done that much.  We are enjoying outside play in the mornings though so that makes the days better!!

Whats Up Wednesday #9

This last week we have spent mostly working on our shop!!  We did make some new dog toys and added them to our shop.

Dog Toy-1

We spent lots of time thinking about Steel’s birthday party and the awesome cupcakes Mom made.  We are hoping she will make some more of them soon!!

Mom put Nugget in the truck with Bradley and we rode around.  You can see the video on Instagram.

Sugar gave her review on the Cosequin dog treats on Instagram.  In case you missed that though I’ll tell you about it here.  Sugar was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and after much research Mom found that glucosamine and omega-3 are two supplements to help with her hip dysplasia.  Mom just loves these treats because they are full of glucosamine and omega-3.  Since taking the supplements and eating the yummy treats everyday, Sugar has been doing so much better.  We can see a huge change in her attitude because she isn’t in as much pain as she was before.  Also she has more energy and runs more because of not benign so much pain.  Mom doesn’t like for her to jump up on stuff or down off of stuff.  So we have to be careful because when she is feeling better she LOVES to jump, but its not good for her hips.  ***I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my honest review.***

Photo May 25, 1 01 54 PM

We enjoyed some time at the beach since the humans are done with school for summer.

Styled Shoot-6

Of course we stopped to remember the soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom this Memorial Day!!

Styled Shoot-12

How was your week??

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Stylish Dog Collars and Dog Bandanas

We told you in our last post Nugget has been doing a lot of modeling.  I will say he is an awesome model!!  We just got our new shop open with dog bandanas and dog collars available in a variety of colors, designs and with personalization options.

We are adding new items to our shop almost daily right now.  Make sure to check it out and order your dog collar and dog bandana today!!

Once you receive your item please share your pictures with us on social media for a chance to be featured right here on our blog!!

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